Beaches of egypt

Perhaps it is difficult not to agree that the attractive appearance, convenience and quality of the beach at the resort is one of the main components of a comfortable holiday on the coast. There are many types of beaches. Every tourist finds for himself the best option.
Egyptian beaches, like few others in the world, are very diverse. However, when describing beaches in Egyptian resorts, usually only two terms are used - sand or coral. The promotional leaflets of hotels are the most common sandy recreation areas. But here it must be borne in mind that the sandy beach on the pages of advertising may in fact be far from completely sandy, but coral in the underwater part, with a sandy mound brought by the coast. Sandy can rightly be called only such a coast, in which sandy rocks prevail both on the coastline and in the coastal sea zone. Coral beaches, on the other hand, are more colorful under the water, but they mean swimming under their feet only in special shoes in order to exclude the possibility of injury due to contact with reefs. As already noted, Egypt can boast of both sandy and coral recreation areas, but this variety of resort coasts is not exhausted.


Egypt is washed by two seas - the Red and the Mediterranean. Vacationers come here from various countries with different incomes and interests. And first of all, all of them are attracted by sights, fascinating excursions and endless beaches. Conditions - comfortable, the most relaxing.

Egyptian land is famous for its long history. Traveling, you not only enjoy the stunning beaches, warm sea, but you can also see the remains of the most ancient mysterious civilization located in the Nile Valley.

There are excellent conditions for surfing, diving, freediving. Do not like active sports? Then swim between stunning coral reefs or take a ride on glass bottom vessels. In any case, a lot of positive is guaranteed!

The climate is tropical and subtropical, well tolerated by people of any age. It is no coincidence that they so often come here to rest with children.

Everything is designed for maximum comfort - thought-out service, entertainment programs, excursions and the all-inclusive power system, so loved by our compatriots.

For lovers of beach holidays in Egypt there is a huge selection of resorts, which are located directly by the sea. These are Soma Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, Taba, Safaga, Marsa Alam, Dahab, Hurghada and others. Details can be found in my article "Resort Towns in Egypt." Tourists are always welcome. And modern hotels have a diverse entertainment complex, including water parks, diving, boat trips.

But back to the topic of our article. Consider the best beaches.

Useful tips for tourists in Egypt

Many Egyptians living in cities and resort centers can be explained in English; Arabic and Latin fonts are often used on road signs and street names. In resort places (in particular, in Hurghada, Sharm-al-Sheikh), employees of hotels, shops, restaurants and cafes can often explain themselves in Russian, also in hotels where many Russian tourists stay, all the inscriptions and announcements are duplicated in Russian.

When visiting monasteries and temples, women should cover their shoulders and arms, do not wear short skirts, it is forbidden to wear shorts.

Do not forget to make photocopies of documents (passports) in case of loss it will be easier to recover.

Everywhere should bargain - to bring down the price twice quite easily, but if you are very persistent, then you can achieve a 4-and even 6-fold price reduction. In general, the harder you stand on your own, the more respectfully you will be treated.


Frisbee game. This is a classic game for the beach, people will never get tired of this game. Find a company for the game quickly. There are more advanced versions of frisbee: Golf Frisbee, Ultimate, freestyle. Other games we know on the beach can also bring a lot of laughter and fun.

Construction of sand castles. From simple to complex projects worthy of any city. Sand castles will help pass the time on the beach. More fun palace and sand buildings can only be buried in the sand.

Take a tan topless. You have to be really brave to undress in public. Such an experience can make you a courageous and brave person. Be prepared for the fact that you can be condemned. And so that this does not happen, make sure that you are exposed on a nudist beach. Take care of yourself, otherwise you can get into an unpleasant situation.

Take a photo. The beach is a great place to get great pictures that will always remind you of a good rest. Stroll with your camera through the surroundings, guaranteed to find great shots.


Dahab beaches

Dahab beaches The beaches of this resort are very different from other beautiful beaches of Egypt. There is a sandy-rocky shore. The entrance to the water is difficult corals. But the strongest difference - a small number of umbrellas, sun beds and other luxury inherent in other resort coasts. The beauty of the beaches of Dahab in another - in a whirlwind of events that envelops these places. There are few tourists, lazily sunbathing on the sun loungers. And even rugs with pillows, issued to tourists, are usually empty. The beaches of Dahab are a place for parties and the passion of lovers to ride the wave. Yes, here are the best beaches in Egypt for surfing! Weather conditions contribute to the increase in the number of windsurfers who can no longer part with such a heavenly place. No less popular and diving, and, not sailing far from the coast. A few meters from the coast, the mysterious underwater world opens up for those who want to find sunken treasures. In general, the beaches of Dahab are beautiful nature in its original, untouched form and shelter for active people.

Makadi Bay

The beaches of Makadi Bay are wide strips of golden sand, smoothly turning into a crystal clear sea. This paradise, surrounded by mountains, is the perfect place to relax in Egypt. The climate in this bay is comfortable at any time of the year. Summer air temperature is on average + 35 ° С, and in winter - + 20 ° С. Water temperature at any time of the year is not lower than + 20 ° С. The coastal strip is divided between hotels and equipped with all the necessary attributes of a beach holiday (sun beds, umbrellas, water attractions, etc.). The beaches are sandy with an admixture of shells and incredibly clean. The territory is regularly cleaned not only debris, but also fragments of corals. A characteristic feature is a direct and gentle descent on all the beaches of this Egyptian resort. Sunset in the sea mostly sandy. However, guests of some hotels will still need to use special shoes. The diversity of marine flora and fauna is very large. You can see colorful animals near the shore. The reason for this are the nearby coral reefs. One, of which looks directly at the central beach of the resort Makadi Bay, approximately at a distance of 70 meters.

Hurghada beaches

Hurghada is one of the oldest and best resorts in Egypt, and hence the sandy beaches here are the most luxurious and equipped. They are gentle, covered with the purest sand. It is convenient to enter the input, the entrance is not difficult for corals. Climatic conditions are slightly worse than in other resorts of Egypt. It is colder and windy here, as a result of the lack of protecting mountains. At the same time, the Hurghada sea is quite calm. The best beaches of this Egyptian resort are divided into classes. There are several luxurious, with developed beach infrastructure. There are even installed windshields near the sun beds. The cost of entry to these beaches, of course, is not cheap. There are more budget options, which also present all beach paraphernalia (umbrellas, sun beds) and water activities. In Hurghada, the beaches are distributed between hotels, but there are urban. Some hotels, along with beaches, also own coral reefs, which gives their guests the opportunity to enjoy watching the marine life.